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Corvette Adventures 2021

June 10 - 12

Come DRIVE with us!!




Corvette Adventures
Event Reservations
Drive-ins will be accepted
beginning August 26 at 2:00pm
Corvette hotel rooms with dedicated parking lots will be available on a first come basis.
Come DRIVE with us!

Congratulations to the

Corvette Club of Illinois

Celebrating their 50th Anniversary +1 at the 2021 Corvette Adventures!!

The first Mystery Tour leaving Chula Vista Resort


Parade to the Dells sponsored by H.P. Performance


Tour  12 on Friday leaving Chula Vista Resort


Videos from one of the 2019 road tours


Videos from one of the 2019 road tours


A video from Mark Renfrow


Corvette Adventures

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​Win in 2020 for a 2 night stay in 2021

The club that brings the most Corvettes and staying at Chula Vista Resort will be the winner of a 2 night stay at the three bedroom Chalet on the Golf Course or a 3 bedroom condo, depending on availability at the time of the event.   If there is a tie, the winner is the club from the farthest distance.

The 2 night stay will be valid during the 2020 Corvette  Adventures.

To view the Chalet CLICK HERE or condo, CLICK HERE.

Location of winning club prize is subject to change to a different home or rooms

Contest requires a minimum of 10 cars registered, with a two night minimum stay at Chula Vista Resort while attending the 2020 Corvette Adventures.


In 2019 the winner was the

Rochester Area Corvette Enthusiasts from Rochester, MN


2019 Winners

Rochester Area Corvette Enthusiasts from Rochester, MN